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Hey Little Space Heroes!

I have decided to move from this blog, to another of mine. This site will not get shut down, But I will no longer be actively posting on it.

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Homepad of the Week June 22nd!

homepad of the week

Every hero deserves a rad galactic getaway. Homepads of the week showcases the awesome homes space heroes can chill out and kick back in after a hard day exploring the galaxy.

This week’s awesome homepad of the week goes to MicroChip!

With its red picket fences, outdoor seating, and reclining chairs, this pad is the perfect place to chill out after a hard day’s exploring!

Congratulations Microclip!

Make sure you check out his blog: HERE


Thanks again Little Space heroes!


New Promo Code!

To celebrate passing 2,000 fans on the Little Space Heroes Facebook page they’re sharing a super-secret promo code. Enter “FanP0612” into the Promo Code machine for a special gift. But hurry, this code expires Friday!

(Promo Wizard is in the Space Heroes Academy!)


Red vs Blue Bubble Blaster Battle!

Did you take part in the Red vs Blue bubble blaster battle? From what I hear it was a ton of fun!